Second Strike

Second Strike is one of the simplest video slot games around, which makes this the perfect game for novice players to start with. The game has been created by Quickspin and boasts a fruity theme that is very colorful and is a tribute to the first ever slot machines that were created decades ago. The soft lounge music that plays in the background is relaxing and takes nothing away from the game play.

How You Bet

The coins in Second Strike range from 0.01 all the way up to 10.00. The minimum bet that can be placed on any spin is 0.10, while the maximum win is 120,400. Betting takes place each and every time that gamers choose to spin the wheel, so it is necessary to deposit money into an online gaming account before playing.

What You Win

One of the reasons that certain types of gamers are sure to be drawn to this slot is the huge winnings that are available. In fact, in just a single spin it is possible for gamers to multiply their original bet by more than a thousand times. This is a very exciting prospect and is sure to mean that those who are feeling lucky will want to stick with Second Strike until they manage to secure that all-important win. There is so much to play for that it is worth investing a little time in this video slot.

Once gamers start playing they may well find that it is rather difficult to stop. Every time a gamer wins with Second Strike, the outer wheel lights up. The wheel then spins again and if it lands on one of these lit up symbols it is time to cash in and celebrate.

How Free Spins Work

There are no free spins available for players of Second Strike and the game does not have many other additional features or frills. However, thSecond Strikeis game is still very addictive. Older gamers in particular are sure to appreciate the simple approach that lets them enjoy the experience of playing without having to be distracted by flashing video clips and a whole host of other features. When gamers take a closer look at Second Strike they will realize that the one bonus that is available is actually much more valuable that free spins. There is a second chance at a win on every win, which really mounts up over time.