Rock Star

Rock Star allows lovers of video slot games to follow in the footsteps of a rock band and captures the excitement of the rock and roll lifestyle, while presenting a slot that is very playable and addictive. Rock Star has been created by Betsoft Games and boasts the smooth graphics and excellent range of options that players have come to expect from this leading game developer. The intro video offers gamers a glimpse into the life of the rockers and helps to set the tone for what promises to be a wild ride, while the backdrop is a pounding rock track that really helps to add to the excitement.

How You Bet

The minimum bet is just one coin, while it
is possible to bet up to 150 coins for players who want to up the stakes a little and increase the excitement. It costs as little as two cents per line to get in on the action, while those who are a little more bold can wager up to $1 per line. There is also a free play option for new players who want to get comfortable with the game a little before they start to wager their own money.

What You Win

Generally speaking, the winnings that are available will depend on the amount that is wagered at the start of the game. This can be increased at any time, so players who find that they are on a lucky streak have the chance to winRock Star more whenever they wish. Deposits are made from an online gaming account in the usual way, and players who have been winning big will always have the option to cash out and receive the money back into their account. Depending on the online casino that gamers are playing with, payouts are usually made in just a few days so that gamers can enjoy their winnings in next to no time.

How Free Spins Work

There are lots of free spins to take advantage of and these are triggered as soon as a player achieves three or more guitar or VIP symbols in a single line. Three prizes are automatically awarded in this case, and the most common of these prizes is free spins so that gamers can keep on playing for the chance to win cash or other types of prizes. Three concert ticket symbols also unlock free spins and other types of bonuses.