Koi Princess

Many gamers may at first be put off by the title of this game, but don’t be fooled. Despite its cute sounding title and leading character name, Koi Princess really packs a punch and also provides plenty of sex appeal. This colorful five reel video poker game boasts a powerful twenty pay lines and features an oriental theme. It has been created by Net Entertainment and includes and of the great features that gamers have come to expect from this leading game creation company including very detailed graphics, awesome sound effects and cool background music. The game is very smooth and boasts lots of bonuses and other extras that help to make it extremely addictive.

How You Bet

The minimum bet is 20p, while the most that gamers can bet on a single spin if they opt for all of the pay lines is a mighty £200. Changing the amount that players want to bet is made very easy on Koi Princess, and after the selection has been made all that needs to be done is to click on Spin.

What You Win

Players that unlock the speKoi Princesscial bonus feature have the chance to score a magnificent one thousand times their original stake. This means that it is worth it for people who are feeling lucky to raise their bets so that they have the chance to get rich very quickly. Even without the bonus feature the typical gains are twenty to thirty times the original stake, which still means that lucky players will be sitting pretty in next to no time.

How Free Spins Work

Not only does Koi Princess provide gamers with plenty of free spins, there is also plenty of variety in these bonus offers to keep things interesting. Players who activate the Sure Wins free spins bonus are treated to ten free spins that trigger huge payouts when winning combinations occur. A further ten free spins can also be enjoyed during the wild free spins feature, and people who are lucky enough to score as many as five wild reels during a single spin are sure to be impressed by the amount of coins that they will win. As if that wasn’t enough, Koi Princess is also packed with a large number of other types of bonuses such as the special coin win feature and the bonus wheel feature, where there are some serious prizes up for grabs.