Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer 2 is one of the most popular video poker games around and was created by Netent. As the name suggests, this is the sequel to Jack Hammer and although the game follows many of the same themes, several modifications and additions have been made this time around to help make the game play even more exciting. This video slot is based on a comic and features vibrant graphics and sound effects that really put gamers in the heart of the action. There are 99 different win lines with a total of ten bet levels to choose from, which helps to keep the game varied and exciting. There is also an animated video at the start of the video slot that presents the characters as well as the general theme of the game.

How You Bet

Jack Hammer 2Placing a bet on Jack Hammer 2 is very easy and the first step is depositing money into an online gaming account. This can be done in a number of different currencies using a diverse range of different payment methods. Gamers who already have money in their account simply need to select how much they wish to bet on each spin. Plays can actually set the value of different coins, which effectively changes the amount that they bet very simply.

What You Win

The payout percentage on Jack Hammer 2 is an impressive 97.1%, which is one of the highest around. The special pay table that is included in the game makes it easy for gamers to see at a glance what they will win when their symbols come up.
This also displays which symbols form part of the winning combination, so that they know what they are looking for. Simply click on the PAYTABLE button at any time to take a look at what can be won.

How Free Spins Work

There are lots of free spins available for players of Jack Hammer 2 to enjoy and Free Spin symbols crop up from time to time during regular game play and activate the special Free Spin mode. This Free Spin mode is activated when at least five free spin symbols appear on the random reel. When players win on any of the win lines during the Free Spin mode, they will receive double pay out. People who are lucky enough to score at least five Free Spin symbols in the Free Spin mode will be treated to additional Free Spins.