Gold Slam

Sheriff Gaming is well known for creating innovative and exciting 3D slots. With Gold Slam this leading game creation company has chosen to go a different route by producing a classic video slot game with a unique twist. The result is very impressive as it presents gamers with something that looks and feels familiar while being different enough to keep them interested for hours at a time and coming back for more time and time again.

How You Bet

High rollers are bound to enjoy tGold Slamhe fact that the stakes are higher on Gold Slam than on many other video slot games. While it is possible to get in on the action for $0.10, people who are feeling lucky and truly have nerves of steel can go for the maximum bet of $25. There is only one coin per line permitted so gamers have to put all of their eggs, or in this case fruit, in one basket and hope for the best. Simply press Spin and sit back and hope for the best as the reels work their magic and the fruit spins around and around. Betting is done before each and every spin, so there is always something new to play for.

What You Win

The maximum win on Gold Slam is $25,000, which is one of the highest payouts for a video slot game of this type. Players will also want to watch out for the wild symbols, which in Gold Slam are letters that form the word WILD. If this crops up, there are extra chances to win big, while there is also a special gold symbol that gives players the chance to get a little gold of their own.

How Free Spins Work

There are no free spins or many of the other features such as automatons and bonus games that many modern players have come to expect from video slot machines. However, Gold Slam is so cool that it doesn’t need any of these flashy gimmicks and in fact is much stronger without them. The cool background and retro face of the game gives players the impression that they have stepped into a Las Vegas casino in the 1970s, which is a real treat all by itself. Anyone who fancies a little time travel with their gaming adventure is sure to find that Gold Slam is just the game to get them feeling groovy.