Gold Miner

Gold Miner is a classic video slot game that follows the ever popular theme of digging for gold. However, despite its rather rustic name, GoGold Minerld Miner boasts smooth and rather luxurious graphics that feature gorgeous gold furnishing that are a nod to the famous saloons of the Wild West. The colorful icons that are present are a tribute to the original symbols to the first slot machines and are comprised of cherries, sevens and bars, although there are also some themed icons thrown in for good measure. Microgaming has created a rather simple game that is easy to play without being too basic.

How You Bet

The game consists of one pay line and three reels. After depositing money in their gaming account through their chosen payment meth
od and favorite online casino, gamers simply need to select the amount that they wish to wager on their next spin. The minimum wager is just 0.20, while the maximum is 10.00. Making the selection is very easy, and each and every element of Gold Miner has been created to make things as smooth and simple as possible.

What You Win

The main jackpot that gamers are sure to want to try and score is a cool $2,000. The special pay table that is presented in the game helps players to understand in an instant just how much is available to win and how close they are to making that all important score. The payout rate is very impressive and even novice gamers are sure to find that it is not too long before they start winning big.

Every time that players win they are presented with a fifty-fifty gamble option. This means that gamers who choose this option will either double their winnings or end up with nothing. People who have made a small win are sure to want to choose this option every time for the chance to increase their winnings, while those who have nerves of steel can even choose the fifty-fifty option on the jackpot for the chance to walk away with a small fortune.

How Free Spins Work

While there are no free spins or wild cards included in Gold Miner, the game does feature a large number of special bonuses that make playing the game more than worthwhile. There is a bonus game on the reels for players to enjoy as well as a special second screen bonus game.