What is casino bonus

Since the gambling industry is a highly competitive field, with a lot of players joining in the fray, casinos are always engaged in trying to find out the many possible means to attract more and more players. An important way of attracting them is the Casino Bonus. Casino bonuses are of various types and the most important oCasino Bonusf them are the Welcome Bonus and Sign-Up Bonus. Whenever, you deposit cash prior to start playing, the casino provides you with bonuses that range anywhere from 25% to 100%, for you to add to your bankroll.

All this sounds very cool. However, none gives away anything for free and casinos are not known for their generosity. In fact, they are out to get your money. You must be aware that there is a catch in most things that sound too good to be true, especially in the matter of casino bonuses: you are not allowed withdraw the bonus money allotted to you until and unless you have wagered a specified amount in bets. This is called in various names, such as the Betting Minimum, Turnover Requirement, Wager Requirement. In the business, it is also termed Terms and Conditions or Play Through.

Turnover requirements

Why is there a turnover requirement? This is because casinos take pains to protect their interests. If a smart pro gambler can quit while he is ahead with winnings, the casinos would be losing money quickly. So they have devised a counter-measure to offset all these smart pros, and turnover requirements are the result. So before you begin to play at a casino, go through its Terms and Conditions carefully before signing up.

If you are checking out various types of Signup Bonuses, you’ll notice that bonuses in general are accompanied by a turnover requirement. In practice, they tell you the number of times you have to wager through your bonus money, before you are allowed to make a withdrawal.

You should fulfill the turnover requirement of any bonus allotted to you within the time limit accorded to you, as spelled out in the terms & conditions, and if you fail to do so, then the entire bonus balance over the amount of matched deposit is deemed void. If your bonus balance remains less than the matched deposit amount, at the time of the expiry of your bonus, then the remaining bonus balance alone will turn out to be the withdrawable balance.

When you are awarded a bonus, the matched deposit amount becomes part of your bonus balance, subject to the turnover requirement, and cannot be withdrawn until the turnover requirement is met.

In case you don’t wish to fulfill your turnover requirement or want to surrender your bonus for any other reason, you are able to do so by informing the Customer Service. If you decide to forfeit your bonus money, then the entire bonus balance over the matched deposit money will become void. And if your bonus balance goes below the matched deposit money when you decide to forfeit, then the remaining bonus balance alone can be converted into withdrawable balance.

It is the bonus component of a game that ultimately determines the percentage of a wager’s stake. This is credited toward the turnover requirement your bonus is subject to. Most games are provided with a 100 percent bonus contribution. However, some games tend to contribute much less. You have to check this with the customer service.

All casino bonuses are as mentioned in the casino’s own specific terms and conditions, as spelled out when you accept your bonus, which is usually at the time of making your initial deposit. And all those casino bonuses of various types are also determined by the general terms and conditions mentioned therein, for you read before signing up to play.